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Treatment Plans

We have three price structures based on the overall treatment and the number of sessions if pre-booked.  Please note some treatments require multiple sessions which can be more than three see sessions page for treatment durations

First session trial offer includes consultation
90-minute duration


All sessions are by appointment only and must be booked and paid for in advance.


Ongoing sessions when booked as single sessions 60 minute duration


Booked as one-off sessions. Paid and booked in advance

When booking and paying in advance for three 60-minute sessions, there is a saving.


Pre-book 3  sessions, paid for in advance = £60.00 each. 



Group Hypnotherapy Sessions
A small group of 5 people is available at the Studio - Orchardbarns Stallingborough. 

Book 5 Group Sessions for £100.00 paid in advance to secure placement.

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