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Sleep & Relaxation Group Class Client 2024

I have to share my experience in 

attending a sleep/relaxation event

at Millbrook. (Orchard Barns).

Having not slept for years, for various

reasons, I attended at the suggestion of two very special friends. I must be honest and say I was sceptical.

How wrong! The session was absolutely outstanding and I was soon at ease, all so friendly and we began.

An hour passed and in that time I felt so relaxed and learned new techniques to take home to continue with what I had experienced. My Sleep from this day on has been so much improved and I am so very grateful to Millbrook.

I would highly recommend Corrine and the services she provides for the good and better as hardly any sleep is so debilitating.  Whatever issue I may face in the future, I will certainly be back to re-set or receive the help that is available.

Thank you Millbrook, you worked wonders and achieved what I thought was impossible.

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